A note from Dawn about Cluck Bucks.

A note from Dawn about Cluck Bucks.

December 1, 2022.

Hi friend and fellow chicken parent.

I write to remind you that every year Cluck Bucks expire at the stroke of midnight on December 31. But, this year we are doing things differently.

This year, the time has come and 2022 Cluck Bucks will expire, fly the coop and the whole program will retire December 31st at 11 PM CA time.  

And when I say “program” I mean the most incorrigible system ever.

Our Cluck Bucks system has not been functioning properly – for some time, as you know, and I apologize for any confusion and hassle of which I know there was so, so, much confusion and hassle.   

Rarely, did we hear about its ease, grace or that it was a user-friendly service. The dashboard that you logged into was clunky, if you were able to login. The backend record keeping was a mess and was not compatible with other well-oiled features and apps running on our website. We tried and tried to triage her to be simpler but we always found ourselves struggling with inconsistencies and incurable errors.  

And, so with the new year, new beginnings: we take a break. 

What’s next: well that is “to be determined” with a launch date of undetermined. This is just the truth.

It was my hope to say (by now) that we have a new, robust, high-functioning program to better serve you, my loyal customer and feathered flock parent, but that’s not the case. We have not found a program that accomplishes what we need and require. And, if you’ve ever called into the office and spoken with Jocoya you know she is kind, determined and leaves no stone unturned. Her continuous search to learn and unearth a new/proposed loyalty app has turned up the same inconsistencies. Which is total rubbish and we can't keep kicking the can down the road so to speak. 

So, for now we retire the program and see what happens. I believe in the woo* and when one door closes.......another must open even if it's just a window with a great view. 

For now, thank you for putting up with the most difficult loyalty program on the entire system of the innerwebs.

We still offer our Subscribe + Save program which is a pretty fluffy discount of 20% off per order.  CLUCK HERE for details and info.

Wishing you all the best as 2022 turns into the season of the MOST and the New Year begins fresh and bright in 2023.

To health + happiness,



*woo: a belief in fun, magic, light hearted, spiritual, soulful things that you can't always see bhuut you shure can feel. 



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