An Open Letter of Thanks

An Open Letter of Thanks

An open letter of Thanks....

Thank you for all the love regarding Dell's passing. If you've followed along on Instagram then you've grown to love Dell too. We all lost a friend [whether you personally met him or not] and you have shared that [prior to Dell] you've never cried over the loss of a stranger. That my friend is a gift and your capacity for love is worth noting.

Dell was one-of-a-kind and his passing left a humongous hole in my life + heart and my Instagram stories will never be the same. Thankfully there are Highlights [on the @treats4chickens instagram homepage. Look for the photo circles, click one and enjoy.] You can access them at any time and view many of the delightful shenanigans of his daily experiences.

Ahnnd, thank you for the amazing patience you've had with out-of-stocks and late shipment of your orders while I've been behind. Your kindness has mattered.

Many, many thanks don't even cut it but please know that I am forever grateful for my Treats for Chickens customers and friends. You are my tribe. We are a flock.

Much love to you during this wildly hurried holiday season.


Hugs, Dawn, Treats for Chickens 🧡

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