Chicken Moms & Dads You Want to Follow on Instagram This Month - NOVEMBER

Chicken Moms & Dads You Want to Follow on Instagram This Month - NOVEMBER

Let's start things off with Tara over at Beaver Vineyards @beavervineyards who is one badass woman farmer! In addition to raising and rescuing chickens (bless her soul!) she also helps her father manage huge agricultural crops of grain and corn, along with tending to her own vineyard crop. Jumping on a GIANT tractor doesn’t intimidate her, no ma’am! Two of her chickens are Mary Kate and Ashley, no doubt soon to be running their own empire one day!



Woman Farmer

Chickens around kiddy pool



Next up is Best Little Henhouse … in Oregon - another great account to follow @bestlittlehenhouse. When you go to the highlights, she has sections for “Ask Wanda” “Ask Loretta” “Ask Peggy” – all are sections where people have asked her chickens questions and the answers are clucking hilarious! And her hen Emmylou’s Rules for Good Living: 1. Make time to lay in the sunshine, 2. Shake off the bad stuff, 3. You deserve treats, always, 4. Be the biggest version of yourself. Miss Emmylou knows what she’s talking about!


chicken and corn


Fluffy chicken

chicken in car


Here we have @chicksofearl Chicks of Earl, and in addition to chickens, this chicken mom loves flowers, gardening, turtles, and her cat PoKitty. She has a cute Etsy shop featuring banners, dog bandanas, and flags. Some of her girls are Big Bertha, Dixie, Bernadette, Pita, and Margarita and man are they adorable!


chicken in birdbath

drinking with chickens

chicken spa day



Up next is Randi over at Farm Girl Found @farmgirlfound and she is one serious farm girl! This spring she hatched 67 chicks … yes you read that right! Along with fostering and bottle feeding two litters of kittens, and raising guinea pigs and bunnies, all while battling an a chronic illness – this girl is a fighter and we love it!



chickens and coop

chicken and vegetables

cozy chickens


Over at The Fourteen Acres @thefourteenacres, Leslie, her husband, and her flock have been surviving the wicked Texas heat – our heart and ice buckets go out to her and all of y’all that live in Texas, boy it can get hot! This chicken mom also breeds chickens, is a beekeeper, loves gardening, and animals. And if you want to see a wonderful assortment of speckled eggs, head over to her squares – she’s got some beauties!


chicken dad and chickens

colorful chicken eggs

free range chickens



Lastly, but never least, at Josie’s Ranch @josiesranch, this is another chicken mom dealing with the Texas heat every summer. Man oh man we don’t envy you! In addition to her chicken flock she also raises guinea fowl, turkeys, and ducks – what an orchestra that must be! She says every time she checks on her Sicilian Buttercups she wants to play “Build Me Up Buttercup”!


Feathered foot chicken


baby chicks



And there you have it - check out these cool chicken moms and dads!


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