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Chicken Moms & Dads You Want to Follow on Instagram This Month - OCTOBER

Chicken Moms & Dads You Want to Follow on Instagram This Month - OCTOBER

To start this off, let’s begin with Big Al’s Homestead @big.als.homestead. This couple is raising backyard chickens in Northern California. 2 human chicken parents, 2 dogs, and 28 chickens – them there is A LOT of eggs! 

man holding chicken


chicken crack

baby chick in pocket

 Another chicken mom with a great sense of humor is Fustercluck Farm @fustercluckfarm. I mean just look at her flock name, how f’ing hilarious and perfect is that? She’s raising her girls on an urban farm in Oregon. Her one girl named Melva is half Olive Egger and half Gold Laced Wyndotte – they call her a “Chutt” a chicken mutt!


chicken with flowers


mottled chicken

chickens eating at feeder

Another great IG account is The Henry Hens @the_henry_hens “The adventures of a flock of spoiled chickens living the dream in Texas”. This account has great post captions like, “Lily looks sweet, but if she was a human, she would be asking to speak to the manager at whatever restaurant she happens to be visiting”. And as a dedicated chicken mom, when her broody girl Violet wouldn’t give up after a MONTH of broodiness, one night mom snuck two baby chicks under her and viola! Violet has turned into the best chicken mom with two sweet little ones.

mother hen and baby chick

woman with young chicken


chicken coop


Mr Reilly and Friends @mrreilly_and_friends is another fun one to follow. Mr. Reilly by the way, is in fact a Siamese cat sharing his world with the likes of Buffy the Vampire Layer, and Miss Zazie a rescued chicken. And around these parts, their broody hens wear hats, lol!

hen in a hat

hen in a bowl

chicken in a towel


Next there’s Brittney over at Round Rock Farm @roundrockfarm who is “raising boys, hugging chickens, and growing a garden in the Arkansas River Valley.” She also has a cute herd of goats.  Her flock is over 20 chickens and she had her work cut out for her this summer with a heat index over 100 degrees for weeks plus tornado warnings – holy hell!  She also has a handsome barred rooster named Oreo, and come on, seriously, who doesn’t love oreos?!


woman snuggling chicken

flock of chickens


two baby chicks

Lastly (but never least) we have Melisa over at txmbirdie @txmbirdie. Melisa proudly claims to be a “front porch lover, farmer, agripreneur, dog momma, and chicken chaser” among other things. She says that “when she was young chasing chickens on her Grandpa’s farm, she’d tell him that someday she wanted chickens in her front yard.” Many years later her dream has come true, only she also has ducks roaming with the chickens. Well done dreamer, well done.


baby chick with toy truck

chickens around eggs


chickens in garden

And so, as Bugs used to say "That's All Folks"! Check out these accounts and make some new friends in the squares!


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