This Week at Treats for Chickens

This Week at Treats for Chickens
Hi Friends, it's me, Dawn!!

This week I'm flying south of the border for a tiny bit of Halloween fun followed by Full-Planning-Mode for all.things related to Treats for Chickens, you + me + your chickens. THEN it's Day of the Dead activities ahnnnd then, finally a bit of R+R.

Leaving town while communities in Sonoma County (and most of California) are on fire and under evacuation orders isn’t the most settling [we are without power too] - the #kincadefire has been especially problematic with Mother Nature throwing out up to 75 mile an hour winds.  My wish: Stay safe everyone🧡🙏🏻

The timing today just happens to be not all that great. Each year I go somewhere to re+energize my mind, heart and soul. I get down to the nitty-gritty and evaluate what's working, review what isn't. And then with you + your flock in mind: I make adjustments accordingly. ⁠

Treats for Chickens peacock threats
I give great thanks to my friend and business mentor @lelabarker and @luckybreakconsulting for teaching me that big-picture thinking and planning is best done far away with my toes in the sand, umbrella drink in hand. Well, maybe not those exact words but that's what I understood 🤩


WONDERING WHAT TO YOUR FLOCK COULD BENEFIT FROM RIGHT NOW? I've linked my seasonal suggestions for your flock here and there's a few suggestions keep on reading.

In order to keep the peace out in the coop while we are gone: I've stocked up on these items for my chicken-sitter because Larry is still molting like crazy and I'm putting Dookashi in two nesting boxes because I've got silkies that are pooping in them. Staaap it please!!  And lastly: the change in temperatures brings in new pests to your coop and the Pest Control Bundle aka Don't Bug Me Bundle will help keep unwanted bugs away. You'll like the little applicator gizmo too. Puts the DE exactly where you want it!

Treats for Chickens Cluck Yea chicken treats

LASTLY: The weather has changed, there's different foods in our fridges and stocked in our pantry. Click here for a quick read on stuff you don't want to be sharing with your flock. In other words: Hey! Don't Eat THAT!!

Wishing you the most fun you can have on Halloween here in the states, and big thanks for your anticipated zen-like patience.  And please stay safe. There are fires burning all over California, again.

PS: For the Dell lovers out there.

It's been a rough 2019 with Dell. He's aging fast, and every step forward has been two or three backwards. There's no doubt it's been challenging but also a blessing to be at the forefront of his care 24/7. THANKFULLY a longtime friend of his is staying at the house while we are gone.

Please know that we all thank you for the birthday cards, drawings, dried leaves/flowers, chocolates, etc! It takes a village.

Thank you for being a part of this.


- Dawn, Treats for Chickens 🧡


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Let's keep your flock happy + healthy!


Got something to cluck about? Have other suggestions? Questions?
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