2020 Festivities - Treats for Chickens

2020 Festivities - Treats for Chickens

2020 has been a doozie of a year and we needed a fun exercise for our holiday par-tay. I cancelled food and the merry part but I'm thankful I found just the perfect activity. We were able to stay socially distant, use the other side of our brains and make something pretty.  Take a peek below:

Dennis came early and set up tables, barrels and all the supplies.

Making Wreaths 2020

  Let the mess and creativity begin! So.Much.Fun! Big thanks to Seed & Gather for the fabulous DIY wreath kits! There's lots to choose from. And, it's not too late to grab one or three before the holidays as thoughtful, long lasting gifts! 

2020 TFC Wreaths


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