So many effing eggs + my secret ingredients

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Hi Treats for Chickens community, it's me, Dawn!

As of Thursday morning I have three dozen eggs + eight.  That's 44 eggs. What in the F am I going to do with 44 eggs? 


colored eggs colorful eggs chicken eggs
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They are "free ranging" on the kitchen counter, on top of the refrigerator in cartons, in a basket lounging on the kitchen counter, plus an unaccounted for 12 hard boiled inside the fridge.  And, before nightfall there will be at least 9-10 more freshly laid in the nesting it's time to get generous and be busy in the kitchen. Pronto. 

So, the hubby and I hopped in the car and visited a friend and "gifted" a pretty dozen and confirmed their hen is, in FACT a rooster. Bummer, right?  Yes.

This was as close as he was gonna let me get regardless of what I was offering. Yep, he's a rooster. He's also wild AF and could have cared less about the Chicken Crack. What chicken doesn't love Chicken Crack? This chicken that's who.  Pfft.

Next up: I sold {yes, money in my pocket!} a dozen two dozen eggs to the 3 Amigas previous owner. She's missing those pretty blue eggs but she's NOT missing the poop on the front door steps.  Besides, she travels A LOT.  She insisted on paying me for the eggs & I'm not turning down cold hard cash. Not me. $12 bucks in my pocket.  I'm coming up and my egg numbers are going down!!  Yess.  

But first we needed more eggs. And, it just so happens, I've got those 18 chickens that I knew would be laying more.....

Back to egg math.  I started with 44.  

Gifted 12. Sold 24 + collected those ^ pretty eight eggs right there.

Okay.  I'm down to 8 eggs plus the unaccounted for hard boiled eggs in the fridge. 

Next up.

Deviled eggs? You betcha.  

I could make quiche and it would sit on the counter for a few days, sadly ignored.  Bhuuuut, if I make deviled eggs they go like lightening. And, so deviled eggs it is. Six will stay here and be gone by 2pm, guaranteed.  The other six with go to my 90 year old father-in-law who settles into his easy chair every day at Noon with 1/2 a deviled egg and a Trader Jose lager. That's his lunch and I'm proud to contribute. Then he takes a very well deserved and serious nap. 

Everyone has their secret ingredient and I have two.  Bever Deli Mustard and Horseradish.  Bam.  My not-so-secret ingredients are mayo {of course} and sweet relish.There's my recipe.  I don't use measuring cups.  I wing-it so to speak. A spoonful of this.  One of that.  Swirl it all together, a little salt.  A grind of pepper. A best selling cook book clearly isn't in my future.  But these are gold metal winning eggs here. And, EVERY time they're gone before nightfall. 

What's your secret ingredient? I pinky-promise to keep it hush-hush. 

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