Where to Pick Up Chicks - and how to do it like a pro.

April 19, 2017

Where to Pick Up Chicks - and how to do it like a pro.

During "chick season" you can pick up day-old baby chick at the following locations - {typically without having to travel too far out of your own zip code}:

  • Farm and Feed Stores in Your Town - if they sell bales of hay, straw, fencing materials and stock tanks they likely stock baby chicks. Stop in or call ahead and ask if they stock chicks.  Many stores are on the ball and have a section on their website devoted to arrival dates, breeds and the quantity expected. 
  • Ace Hardware and True Value - many interdependently owned Ace Hardware/True Value locations (not all) will bring in a specific number of popular breeds for a select period of time.  Call ahead and ask for arrival dates and expected breeds.                                 

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  • CraigsList - check your local craigslist in the 'For Sale' section under Farm and Garden. There's a larger risk of picking up chicks (pullets, hens, roosters) that have undetected health conditions that may result in a trip to an avian vet.
  • Instagram - a quick hashtag search of #hatchingeggs and  #hatchingeggsforsale will take you to a variety of crazy chicken ladies and gentleman that are hatching and selling fertile eggs.  Do your homework on breeds and ensure you can have roosters should you hatch a roo instead of hens. 

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  • Facebook Groups - many communities have their own poultry related groups that you can join and then you'll have a fully engaging poultry community at your fingertips.  I have found that many members have an incubator plugged in and fired up {they are hatching eggs}, have {accidentally} brought too many chicks home, have pullets for sale, need to rehome a rooster, etc.  
  • Local 4-H Poultry Groups - support local youth and their poultry projects.  Contact your county 4-H office and ask for the Poultry Leader and inquire if any members are selling chicks.  
  • Hatcheries - you can order your day-old-chicks from the comfort of your computer and have them shipped right to your local postal office.  You'll get a phone call at about 5am the morning of your delivery and you drive on over, knock on the back door and wallah - your a new mom.  Meyer Hatchery is my go-to online hatchery with a great assortment of must-have-breeds that will get you an A+ in chicken math. Order early.  Some hatch dates sell out.
  • Poultry Fairs, Swap Meets and Conventions - Not the best place to pick up chicks but you can always find older birds available for sale in breeding pairs, some remarkably handsome roosters and great laying ladies. Typically, these birds need to meet strict requirements in order to be present at the show but it's good to inquire as to health history, any shots and current living environment.

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