5 Best Brown Egg Laying Chicken Breeds – Treats For Chickens

October 29, 2018 7 Comments

5 Best Brown Egg Laying Chicken Breeds – Treats For Chickens

how many eggs does a chicken lay

Photo: Cackle Hatchery

You can never get enough chicken eggs. Whether you’re selling them for money or just sharing them with friends and family for food, more is always better, am I right?

Brown eggs, green eggs, blue eggs, tinted eggs and double dark brown eggs - I love them all!

Chicken keepers raising chickens for eggs need to know what breeds of chickens are the best egg laying chicken breeds to maximize egg production. I even put together a little math equation to help explain how this works.


C + E x Y = MH

C = Chicken Keepers

E = Egg Production

Y = Best Egg Laying Chicken Breeds

MH = More Happiness for Chicken Keeper


Alright, lets begin. Its time to learn which breeds of chickens are the best egg laying chicken breeds for regular brown eggs.

1. Australorp Chicken Breed

australorp chicken breed

Photo: Agronomag 

The Australorp breed of chicken is a cross between a Rhode Island Red chicken and an Orpington chicken. They were developed in Australia in the 1920s for the purpose of developing one of the best egg laying chickens that are well suited to the Australian climate.

Australorp Chicken Eggs: Australorp chickens lay beautiful light brown eggs. These egg laying champions hold the world egg laying record with one hen from this breed laying 364 eggs in 365 days (holy moley)! You can expect between 250-300 large eggs each year from your typical Australorp chicken. 

Australorp Chicken Behavior: Australorps are as calm and gentle as chicken breeds come. Most hens from this breed will be docile, relaxed, and quite tame chickens. I have personally had two in my chicken keeping days: one was broody every other day and the other gal was a champion layer with a big attitude.


2. Lohmann Brown Chicken Breed

best egg laying chickens south africa lohmann browns

Photo: Chicken Farming Spot

Lohmann Brown chickens are one of the best hybrid chickens for egg laying. They were developed by a German genetics company from the selective breeding of New Hampshire chickens with other brown egg laying hens. And while this description may seem a little freaky this particular breed has worked wonders for farmers in South Africa.

Lohmann Brown Chicken Eggs: Lohmann Brown chickens lay brown eggs. These chickens begin laying jumbo sized eggs after 4-5 months from hatching. You can expect around 300 eggs a year from your Lohmann brown chicken.

Lohmann Brown Chicken Behavior: Lohmann Brown chickens are very docile and friendly. There is a reason Lohmann Brown chickens are the most widespread egg laying chickens on planet earth. Not only do they lay an incredible amount of eggs, but their friendly and even-temperament make them good to have around children and other chickens!    


3. Golden Comet Chicken Breed

 golden comet chicken breed

Photo: Cackle Hatchery

There’s no way you’ve not seen a Golden Comet chicken running around somewhere, at least once in your life. Golden Comet chickens are a widespread hybrid chicken, bred by mating a White Rock hen and a New Hampshire rooster.


Golden Comet Chicken Eggs: The Golden Comet Chicken breed starts laying eggs as early as 16 weeks.  You can expect between 250-300 brown colored eggs from your golden comet chicken annually.

Golden Comet Chicken Behavior: You’ve got yourself a curious and friendly bird if you have a Golden Comet chicken in your flock. They don’t mind being picked up by new people and they are rarely if ever involved in any scuffles or arguments with other chickens. Pretty laid back and a few of us could learn a thing or two from this happy little hen.


4. Sussex chicken breed

 Light Sussex Hen owned by J. Heeley.

Photo: Poultry Keeper

Sussex chickens are a breed of chicken that’s raised for egg laying and meat (dual purpose breed). The Sussex chicken is a British chicken breed and comes in eight different colors. The most common color of Sussex chickens is white with a black neck and black tail feathers. My other favorite of this breed is Fern Meadow who has a marvelous spotted feather pattern and who resides with @Tarahharlin 

Sussex Chicken Eggs: Sussex chickens lay brown, white or tinted eggs and you can expect between 180-200 eggs per year from your typical Sussex chicken. However, some strains of this dual-purpose chicken breed are better at egg laying than others, and can give you up to 250 eggs per year!

Sussex Chicken Behavior: This chicken breed is a good addition to any mixed flock!  But please keep in mind that all chickens have their own personality and you can get the occasional snooty little hen that's not the most even-tempered gal. 


5. Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed

 Rhode Island Red Chicken Hen

Photo: Purely Poultry

Finally, a good ol’ American made gal! The Rhode Island Red chicken breed was developed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island from the breeding of oriental chickens like the Malay chicken with Brown Leghorn chickens from Italy! This chicken breed also makes for a good dual purpose bird that lays an abundance of eggs and is also good for meat. 

Rhode Island Red Chicken Eggs: Rhode Island Red chickens lay light brown, medium to large eggs. The Rhode Island Red chicken breed starts laying eggs around 4-5 months, which is super earlier than other breeds. You can expect 150-250 eggs a year from your Rhode Island Red chicken.

Rhode Island Red Chicken Behavior: The Rhode Island Red chicken breed is the opposite of docile! These are some spirited girls! The hens are loud and high energy. The roosters of this breed of chickens can be a little more hyper and active.

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July 30, 2019

How can I get Australor or Rhode island hens chicks in bihar India..

thuoc ga vip
thuoc ga vip

May 26, 2019

Raising and taking care of chickens is not an easy task, but for me raising chickens is a very happy job to see that chickens are always healthy and give lots of eggs.
thuoc ga da


May 17, 2019

I love my chickens and I found that the more you love them and give them little treats every other day make for some very happy chickens. Out of 14 chickens mix of various types I get an average of 12 eggs per day. In the winter months I still average 8 eggs per day.


April 30, 2019

My favorite brown egg layers are the black copper Marans.


April 24, 2019

Black Australorps are my favorite. They are champion egg layers, sweet, friendly (but a little shy so handle when young so won’t run) They handle extreme hot and extreme cold with equal vigor. Larger size so make good dual purpose meat hens. Out of 9 Aussie hens only one is broody. My rooster is a character. Doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.


March 26, 2019

I Australorps where I live and we get pretty brutal winters. They survive fine in the cold weather.

Michael Corbin
Michael Corbin

February 16, 2019

Of these 5 breeds, which is best suited for cld weather?

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