Complete Guide to Hamburg Chickens & Hamburg Chicken Facts – Treats For Chickens

Complete Guide to Hamburg Chickens & Hamburg Chicken Facts – Treats For Chickens

The Hamburg chicken is the supermodel of chickens. There's a reason why Hamburgs are a very popular poultry show breed.  These birds are a graceful, delicate, small breed of chicken with slender grayish blue legs. Just make sure you have some sturdy, tall fences if you are going to add some Hamburgs to your flock because these birds are good at flying and will at every chance you give them.


Hamburg Chicken History


holland map
Photo: World Atlas

Thank the good people of Holland that were alive before the 1400s for Hamburg chickens existing today, because that is when and where they were developed.  Experts are certain it all began with the Golden Penciled Hamburg and Silver Penciled Hamburg.


It is believed the first chicken show was a contest in the 1800s to settle an argument some English chaps were having in a local pub - the argument? Whose rooster was the most magnificent. The bartender in the pub was the judge, the prize was just a copper pot, and the roosters that were competing were Hamburg chickens. Surprise, surprise, Hamburgs were the world's first show chickens!


Hamburg Chicken Colors


Hamburg Chicken

Hamburgs come in a ton of very cool color varieties including Black, White, Silver Spangled, Gold Spangled, Citron Spangled, Blue, Blue Spangled, Gold Penciled, Citron Penciled and Silver Penciled.


Hamburg Chicken Egg Production


hamburg chicken eggs

Not only are Hamburgs attractive show chickens, but they begin laying eggs around 30 weeks old and are pretty good producers too. You can expect your Hamburg hen to lay 150-200 or more eggs annually.  Hamburg eggs are typically small, longish, white eggs with pointy ends. Hamburg hens typically aren’t the broody type, so you’ll probably need an incubator or recruit one of your other broody hens to step up as a foster mom.

Hamburg Heat & Cold Tolerance

Heat: Tolerates heat well

Cold: Hardy in winter


Hamburg Chicken Size

Regular Hamburgs
Rooster: 4 lbs - 5 lbs
Hen: 4 lbs
Cockerel: 4 lbs
Pullet: 4 lbs

Bantam Hamburgs
Rooster: 1.5 lbs - 2 lbs
Hen: 1.25 lbs - 1.75 lbs

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