Oyster Shell Letter Format 2.07.2022 - Treats for Chickens

Oyster Shell Letter Format 2.07.2022 - Treats for Chickens

If you would like to weigh in and have your voice heard about your experience with the current oyster shell shortage please do the following [deadline for submission is Monday, March 7th, 2022 at 5pm PST].

  1.  Review the letter from Lind Marine here
  2. Review the Water Board Notice here
  3. Review the Tentative Order here


  • Copy the email addresses into a new email.
  • Copy the letter below and paste the contents into the email.
  • To: selina.louie@waterboards.ca.gov
  • CC: janice@lindmarine.com, info@treatsforchickens.com
  • Subject: Comments on Tentative Order – Oyster Shell Mining in South San Francisco Bay

********copy and paste sample letter below**************

San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Boardjanice@lindmarine.com
Members of the Board
1515 Clay St., Suite 1400
Oakland, CA  94612

Chair McGrath and Members of the Board:

I have reviewed and support approval of the Tentative Order for Lind Tug and Barge Oyster Shell Mining in South San Francisco Bay and would like to offer the following comments in support of adoption of the Order, in support of the project in general and for the overall health of my beloved backyard flock.

[Include a few sentences about your own experience with the Oyster Shell shortage here, then remove this instruction]

Oyster shell is especially beneficial as a calcium source in poultry diets.  Several scientific studies referenced in the analysis indicate that calcium derived from oyster shell has been found to be a superior nutrient and mineral source when compared to inorganic limestone and other sources.

And, while limestone grit may be a secondary solution; most pet chickens turn their beaks up at the alternative and simply won’t eat it leaving their health and productivity in jeopardy. Calcium depleted laying hens, in general, are prone to laying thin shelled eggs causing breakage during laying, leading to infections and ultimately death.

It is my understanding that during the permitting process over the last few years, Lind Tug and Barge has adopted a number of operating procedures and measures to protect the water, biological and air resources of the San Francisco Bay including:

Limitations on pumping and priming of dredge equipment, and installation of positive barrier fish screens to avoid entrainment of fish;

  • Seasonal curtailment of mining to avoid times when sensitive species may be present;
  • Upgrading of equipment to reduce mining times and number of mining episodes annually, and electrification of mining equipment and engines to reduce air emissions;
  • Purchase of habitat mitigation credits, and commitment to provide a portion of the shell mined to habitat restoration projects.

I am pleased to see that in addition to requiring these measures, the Tentative Order requires monitoring and study of water quality to ensure that mining activities do not degrade the overall water quality of the San Francisco Bay and requires a study to help determine if oyster shell mining is having any impacts on the erosion of nearby shell hash shorelines.

 As a backyard pet chicken owner, I want to thank you for the opportunity to comment on this project and the Tentative Order.

I strongly support the project as proposed, and respectfully urge the Regional Board to adopt the Tentative Order. My chickens and I thank you immensely.


[your name here]


:::::::Remember, the deadline is Monday, March 7th at 5pm, PST::::::::::: ahnnd, please know that I know this is a lot to ask bhut please know that I really, really appreciate your efforts!


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