Darn You, COVID-19: A DIY Boredom Buster for Your Flock + Chicken Parents - Treats for Chickens

Darn You, COVID-19: A DIY Boredom Buster for Your Flock + Chicken Parents - Treats for Chickens

Hi Treats for Chickens' community, it's me, Dawn!


My birds calm me. I enjoy their personalities. They don't give a darn chicken turd about COVID-19 and that calms me too. They don't want to talk about it- pandemic or lockdowns, don't have an opinion either and all.the.things are business as usual for them. It's a pleasant change. 

Believe me, I am taking this situation seriously. I'm just saying I appreciate the aloof character of my flock in times of stress.  

So here's the thing. My pet chickens aren't bored. Not that I'm aware of. But me? Ahhhh. I'm going to be short on projects in the next week once I've:

  • Completed a double scrub on the coop and nesting boxes.
  • Hung sparkly lights on/around the coop. This was a X-mas project that never got started.
  • Rearrange and set up my poultry dusting station. [more on that here].
  • Clean out and rearrange my coop storage.
  • Trim the lavender in the pathway.
  • Attend the chicken run and what other plants I could add. Which I highly recommend green thumbs, garden enthusiasts, horticulturists, to read Plants that Thrive + Survive in My Chicken Run
  • Trim the fig tree in the run
  • Scrub water fountains
  • Water my hanging ferns and my olive tree [these are inside the enclosed nesting box area]

Yep: that should consume a big chunk of time: all of that is going to take me three hours.  Three. Hours!

Then I'll clean and organize every.space in my home. Closets, cabinets, drawers, the pantry. Under the kitchen sink - ugh, that's fun. I'll clean and rearrange patio furniture for the visitors that won't be coming. Are you with me? 

Then I'll move on to pulling out every single sea shell that I have collected over the years. The plan since 1985 has been to make wind chimes with the shells and small pieces of driftwood. No better time than COVID-19 2020 to actually get it done, right? 

I will finally finish compiling and sending out the second batch of #dellstomatoeseeds. 

If you think of all the things that can get done during this time.....it's pretty amazing. When this is done there won't be a single thing to wish I had time to complete.

One more thing I will absolutely do is make a new upcycled treat toy aka boredom buster- out of a plastic water bottle. The chickens aren't bored but like I said: I am. 

It's easy. 

And, you can make these yourself. 

DIY Boredom Buster for Your Flock, a Chicken Toy: upcycle a plastic bottle. 

diy chicken toy cluck yea eggs

Carefully poke holes all over the plastic bottle (and for heavens sakes don't cut, stab, poke or slice your hands and fingers).


diy treat roller boredom buster


Fill ½ way with treats, seeds or grains or a delicious certified organic treat- Cluck Yea.


diy treat roller cluck yea


Screw on cap and share with your backyard chickens. 


chickens using cluck yea treat roller diy


And so there you have it. On more ways for your flock to bust the boredom, read 5 DIY Boredom Busters for Chickens (That Won't Cost a Penny) + Broodie again? blog.

What are you doing to stay sane, simple and healthy? Comment below!


- Dawn, Treats for Chickens 🧡


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  • Hey girl!! I’ve been doing lots of painting, like you organizing drawers, cupboards etc. This week I’ll de-winterize my chicken coop. The weather still isn’t that warm here unfortunately or I could do some gardening!! Stay safe 😘

    Kim Zito on
  • It is hard to get a clean cut. Will the chickens scratch their beaks?

    Marsha Schewe on
  • I am sitting on the patio reading books while my chickens sit all around me like the little friends that they are. I plan to add some plants to my chicken and duck runs once the weather gets a little warmer. I also plan to replace the bedding in my chicken roost and clean it up. I’m not bored at all!

    Jan Brown on

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